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lAs a wife and mother I know how important cooking in the kitchen can be.  Food is what brings family and friends together. It all starts in the kitchen.  That's where conversations happen, laughter, and sharing moments and stories. Cooking with the freshest and finest ingredients is important to me. I hope to share some of my passion for cooking with you through my website and blogs!
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Cooking with seasonal produce and the feshest and finest ingredients!! 

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My name is Kristina and I'm from Lodi,CA. I am married to my wonderful husband Rick for 20 years, I have two boys, Brad 26 and Dominic 11. My passion for cooking was instilled in me when I was quite young. I loved watching both my grandmothers cook from scratch. My Mom was a wonderful cook also. My Dad is German and my Mom is Portuguese. So growing up my dad called  myself and my brother and sister "PortuKrauts"!! That was my dad's awesome since of humor.  I was able to experience German and Portuguese cooking first hand. I not only love to cook from my heritage but I love to explore all kinds of cuisines.  I hope to share my love for cooking and easy instructions to all my followers!
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When my oldest son was 7 he was diagnosed with ADD. Instead of using conventional medicine I followed the Feingold Diet and eliminated all artificial flavors and colors from our home. This was the best life change I made. It enabled me to use the finest and healthiest ingredients without adding synthetic dyes, artificial colors and bad preservatives. From then on, healthy cooking on a budget was one of my very most important priorities. I love to share all my years of experimenting with where to shop, what brands to buy, along with great recipes that I can't wait to share with you.  I would love to hear how you like them!!!

Cooking With Kristina